Sexy Tranny Lips! Tell me how you like them!

Sexy Tranny Lips! Tell me how you like them! Ok guys I want to talk about your favorite pair of Sexy Tranny Lips. How do you like them and also what is the shape. This means your going to have to comment here and also rate some of the photos.

First of all take a look at my photo below. I was playing with a new lipstick and also some other make up and grabbed this selfie! Another thing. What shape lips do you tend to like on your favorite tranny. I know they are not interchangeable but did you find a girl by the shape and look of her lips? Or just by her tits and cock? 🙂

Sexy Tranny Lips

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Do Lips Matter to you?

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Puffy Panties? Do you know what they are?

Puffy Panties? Do you know what they are? Honestly? You don’t know what puffy panties are? When they have a nice hidden cock from a trans girl or a very high pubic bone from a GG they look puffy and hence the name.

So from now on as you surf the net looking at panties you will know what to call them.

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puffy panties

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