Thong Panties. I need new ones!

Thong Panties. I need new ones! Ahhhh. I went into my dresser today to get some panties and found that I only have three pair left. I need new thong panties! Who would like to help me out with that? So, we can handle this one of two ways. You can send me some in the mail. Or, I can go with you to a local mall and try them on for you. We can also of course play around a little while I do.

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Thong Panties

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Anyone who does not. Well I have them on in this photo anyway! SO KISS ME!

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Beach Dress and nipple slips!

Beach Dress and nipple slips! I am almost certain everyone here knows what a Beach Dress is. If not, please refer to my photo below! 🙂 I was getting ready for the beach and had not yet put on my bikni and went outside. This photo was taken by a girlfriend an only after did I realize the nipple slip. In some of the photos you can also see my cock!

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It was a hot day and also muggy and I loved being in that dress. Anyone that wants to send me another lets chat in my members area.

Beach Dress

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Teen Tranny Tits with Tiara!

Teen Tranny Tits with Tiara! So are you into teen tranny tits like we are? If so then you have found the perfect girl. Tiara is just 19 years old and started her transition recently. So she only has her teen tits and they do look amazing. If your expecting a big cock you will be a bit disappointed. If your expecting a large tranny clit you will be happy! Whats the difference some noobs ask? Simple, take a look at the rest of this photo set to see.

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Teen Tranny Tits

Also another thing about Tiara. She has a very tight ass that has not been reemed out so get in line to bang that hole nice and hard. But kiss her first it makes her clit hard.

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