Thong Panties. I need new ones!

Thong Panties. I need new ones! Ahhhh. I went into my dresser today to get some panties and found that I only have three pair left. I need new thong panties! Who would like to help me out with that? So, we can handle this one of two ways. You can send me some in the mail. Or, I can go with you to a local mall and try them on for you. We can also of course play around a little while I do.

If you don’t live local and want to send me some. Just log into my members area and contact me. Or you can also post about it here on this site!

Thong Panties

So for those of you who like thong planties please rate and also comment.

Anyone who does not. Well I have them on in this photo anyway! SO KISS ME!

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