Anal toy

Who wants to play with an anal toy? Or would you rather watch a hot trans girl like Tiara as she plays with one? Yeah I know so lets talk about that video clip below.

Most of you have had some time to play with a toy. And I am betting that most of you also own one and its rather small. It can be painful using one and most of the girls tell is that its best to start small. Tiara said that she actually likes the pain as its also pleasure. So she has a medium size dildo that she likes to use and she says that as it spreads her ass going in she has a bunch of tiny orgasms that make her want to cum even more. And that she starts to drip precum when using it.

If you watch in this video you will see the precum start to come out. And its not just a little. It is actually a lot. and she loves using it to lube her cock and her anal toy so she can masturbate even better.

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Anal Toy

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