Wet White shirt.

So we all know what happens and what you can see with a wet white shirt. And yeah it looks just as hot on a trans girl like Tiara. She might have small tits but that wet shirt sure looks super hot clinging to her nipples and the gentle curves of her boobies. For those of you who do not know Tiara her boobies are natural and firm and look good in almost everything that she wears. She also likes to not only show them off but to have men pay attention to them.

When we asked Tiara about her nipples and boobies she told us licking and sucking her tits is the fastest way to get her cock hard and make it throb. So if any of you want to put that to the test we would love to not only record it. But also to time it and see how long it takes.

Click the image below to check out the tour of Tiara’s website.
Wet White shirt

Just so you know a little more about this set. Tiara was staying in a big house in the jungle in Mexico. She invited us over to do the movies and photos. It was hot and she wanted to cool off so she dumped some water on her shirt and shorts. Then took per hotpants off and was just standing there with the wet shirt. The camera guy loved it and started taking photos before she was bottomless. And we have to say its sexy over all. Click now to see the rest of the photo set. See the rest of the Wet White shirt set right now.

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